Watching TV on your Computer

To Watch TV on your Computer CLICK HERE

Working Late at night on your computer missing your favourite TV show as you slave away for the man, may not be everyone’s situation, but in this day n age more and more people spend more time on their computers than anything else. So why not watch TV on it as well.

Signup for to watch TV on your computer here.

There are many ways that you can do this, some of which are listed Below:

Watching TV on your computer

There are hundreds of TV stations which have copies of their shows on their website for free so you can catch up on a recently missed episode or even go back to old episodes to recapture your favourite moments. If you’re after the Classic TV shows, (you know the type the ones from the 70’s and 80’s so bad but you would spend hours watching re runs after school loving it all the same) there are limitless amount of sites that have archives of these, some even have archives way back to the dawn of TV.

Also with this world of multicultural society there are plenty of Overseas TV shows on the web streaming hundreds of networks ranging from China to Russia and beyond, and who could not forget YouTube societies answer to video blogs. With Ads, movies, comedy and TV shows, everything at the tip of your mouse all at this one site.

With all these free suggestions of course there is a little bit of running around to find what you want but if you just want convenience of course you can also buy it. There are plenty of websites that you can buy movies from some even as low as $1.99 per movie.

To Watch TV on your Computer CLICK HERE

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Watch Cricket Live on Your Computer

This year’s world cup cricket has been top class cricket and now you can signup to get all the games live from your PC.

Watch Cricket Live on Your Computer

That’s right you can watch all the super 8 matches PLUS the finals all from your computer.

Be it at work or at home you simple signup and install the software. Open the program to the right channel and you have live cricket online.

The streaming cricket offers great quality (Broadband Required) don’t miss any more of what will go down in history as the greatest Cricket World Cup live action.

Watch Cricket Now!

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WWW.CRICKETWORLDCUP.COM Continues – Watch LIVE on your PC!

Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to bring you the best information on Live TV on the And today it continues where you can WATCH the WORLD CUP CRICKET and CRICKET WORLD CUP on your PC over the Internet.

This is a great opportunity if you are away from a TV or in a country that isn’t showing the games live – you can Watch all of the action of the or without leaving your computer – it streams live over the Internet – all games!

For Full details, you want to GO HERE and get all the information. It’s a great deal and you’ll have full access to LIVE CRICKET for LIFE!

Here is a list of the games coming up in the SUPER 8s section of the tournament:

Tue 03 Apr
Ireland vs South Africa
Guyana National Stadium, Guyana

Sat 07 Apr
Bangladesh vs South Africa
Guyana National Stadium, Guyana

Mon 09 Apr
Ireland vs New Zealand
Guyana National Stadium, Guyana

Wed 11 Apr
England vs Bangladesh
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Fri 13 Apr
Australia vs Ireland
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Sun 15 Apr
Bangladesh vs Ireland
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Tue 17 Apr
South Africa vs England
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Thu 19 Apr
West Indies vs Bangladesh
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Sat 21 Apr
West Indies vs England
Kensington Oval, Barbados

Wed 04 Apr
England vs Srilanka
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, St Peter’s

Sun 08 Apr
Australia vs England
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, St Peter’s

Tue 10 Apr
West Indies vs South Africa
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Thu 12 Apr
Sri Lanka vs New Zealand
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Sat 14 Apr
South Africa vs New Zealand
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Mon 16 Apr
Australia vs Sri Lanka
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Wed 18 Apr
Ireland vs Sri Lanka
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Fri 20 Apr
Australia vs New Zealand
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada

Every Single Match
Of The Finals Series!


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Watch World Cup Cricket Live on your PC

You can now watch the biggest sporting event of the year on your PC or Mac – Watch the World Cup Cricket on your computer over the Internet. Online TV brings you all of the games and allows you access to them as live as possible. You can be sure you won’t miss a ball by visiting WATCH LIVE TV website

As the balls are bowled in the West Indies for the WorldCupCricket or CricketWorldCup, you can be sure that you’ll see it all live. Don’t miss a single shot, a single four, a single six or even a single single. By watching live you’ll be sure of it!

All you need to do is CLICK HERE and sign up. You’ll then have access to THOUSANDS of online TV channels, live and at your fingertips! It’s not difficulat to see how easy this is for all sports, especially watching cricket live on your PC.

So what are you waiting for? Watch cricket, world cup cricket and a host of other sporting events and other TV on your COMPUTER!

Click here now to see it!

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OnlineTV from Your PC

If you are one of the pizza munching web geeks, like me who is always stuck behind the computer screen and you don’t want to miss out on your favorite tv shows or just want to catch a little sport so you can hole a normal conversation when you do finally go out in public or for when your sister invites you are over for dinner and you need to find something to talk about with to her jock husband then why not give a go.


It’s as simple as how com should be but with out all the bugs. Sort of like Linux but easy.

Just sign up to and download the software and you can watch all you favorite cable tv shows right on your computer with ever needing to have your own tv.

After you have this all you will need is girlfriend but hey let’s not push our luck too far, TV, Conversation, Possible Life and then a girlfriend.

Watch TV on your Computer

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If you are like me; Lazy and you love to be on the internet all the time then you will often miss out on watching your favorite shows.

Watch WSOF on your Computer.

Well I have a solution to your problem. Through the miracles of modern technology and the internet which are apparently a series of connected pipes and tubes you can now watch your favorite TV shows on your computer.

Why not watch all the sports finals on your computer or even shows like without every needing to leave your computer.

So forget downloading them after they are been and gone there is now no need to miss any of you TV, soaps, Sit Coms online or anything else you can think of with

So just who might want to watch TV on line? Well anyone who is busy, anyone why has an interest in watch sports finals on your computer. You might even want to watch wsop online tv.

It’s not as expensive as which can get very expensive and with online you can decide to cut your service, which mean if you just want to watch the play offs from you computer you can and then simply opt out of online

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What Sort of Show Can I Watch on ONLINETV ?

Watching OnlineTV is the future of television and the overall entertainment vision that industry heavyweights have in mind. Broadband coverage is booming, which means that DVD quality is NOW a reality with WatchOnline.TV!

So exactly what sorts of TV events can you watch on your Let’s start with sports…

You can by Watch NBA Live Games and enjoy these games through Live Online TV. It’s great to watch your favorite team play live every night of the week!

You can live baseball online TV. You can watch it live and enjoy your MLB teams playing live on your www.onlineTV.Com Live feeds at WatchOnline.TV! It’s so easy.

You can by live NHL hockey It’s so easy so Click here to get it now.

You can live and watch it live here now. The NFL is great live because you can watch entire games as they happen.

Away from sports, you can on shows like,,,, 24, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, House, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Shark, NCIS, Criminal Minds,, Ugly Betty, and many many more. You can watch all of these on your InternetTV along with shows you wouldn’t dream you’d be able to normally see – all of the shows on and more!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to WatchOnline.TV now!

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It’s a little known fact that the Internet is not only taking over how we do business, but it’s also dictating how we watch television. With the advent of Online TV, more people than ever before are watching on the Internet – and they are enjoying it!

Harold from Detroit said “I used to pay around $1,000 a year to have my www.Cable running. I really enjoyed the sports and news channels. However, now I am watching all of my favorite channels online – and many more!”

Taking full advantage of the technology of their computers, smart consumers like Harold are hooking up their computer monitors to their TV’s, allowing them the full experience in their lounge room.

In addition, people are also watching live with live coverage to a range of sports channels and much more.

Look at this massive range of coverage over THOUSANDS of InternetTV channels:

  • Watch Sports Online: Huge selection of basketball, tennis, racing, soccer, football, golf and many more – including what you would normally watch via pay per view.
  • Watch Movies Online: New and old movies are at your fingertips with this great solution.
  • Watch News Online: The best solution for watching news from around the globe – over 75 countries and counting. Watch it all online now.
  • Watch Weather Online: Get your local forecast or the forecast from anywhere in the world with your choice of weather channels.
  • Watch Kids TV Online: This ultimate entertainment center combines to bring you the best in childrens television. Brilliant!
  • Watch Adult TV Online: No further subscription required, unlike your company.
  • Watch Live Online TV: The best events from around the world – live on your computer or TV.
  • Any many many more Channels!

So in this new and bold Internet age, why not do what Harold has done and ditch your company. is the future for you.

Click Here to watch now and get a full channel list.

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